Hamra, Tayasir, Thu 2.9.10, Morning

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A guest from Germany, Annina K. and Yehudit H.

Translated by Dvorah K.

We brought schoolbags, clothing and toys, and gave these out to the children on their way to Tyasir. They were very happy with the gifts.

0745 Tyasir CP
Together with us a truck arrived at the CP and waited two minutes until it was hailed and signaled to come up to the CP. Taxis traveling in both directions also went through very quickly. There is only a little traffic and it flows with no problems.
On the way to the Hamra CP, on the hills opposite al Farsia, we can see four new houses of the Maskiot settlement (construction freeze????).

At the Guchiya CP there is a military jeep; the gate is open, but nobody is going through.

0850 Hamra CP
People are leaving the CP. Men fasten their belts or lace their shoes and all of them are dressed up for the holiday. Some of them are traveling to Jordan and some to Jericho. A fellow who emerges from the CP says angrily: "A person has to take his shoes off in order to go through?"  Women in embroidered dresses and girls in colorful dresses with decorations go through and greet us.

Cars arrive from both sides; all of them go through without any delay and some go through without any inspection at all.
Two soldiers ask us to take pictures of them in the vehicle CP. Our guest did indeed take their picture. Some of those going through the pedestrian CP come out and say: "The soldiers are being difficult today."

0940. We left and went back via the Jiftlik. The heat in the valley leaves its mark in the fields of the Palestinians, which look dry, but the lands of the settlements are green and flourishing.

At the passage at Bezeq there is a conversation (apparently because of the flag that we did not take off our car): "Where are you from?" "From the CPs." "Which?" "Tyasir and Hamra." "Who is this woman?" - pointing to our guest; she is asked to show her passport which is examined very carefully.

We left with hard feelings and heartache.