'Azzun, Habla, Huwwara, Wed 15.9.10, Afternoon

Sarah F. Chana K. (reporting & photographing)


 Natanya translating.


14.50 We visited the village of A-Dik. It seems that the  freezing of building is present and will probably continue to be so in the Arab villages. Permits are not given for additions to houses and one of them has received a demolition order because another floor has been added on.

The water supply is as follows:  Water for storage flows in for two hours and this water has to serve the village for the next two weeks. Now and again soldiers patrol the village.

15.30 At the entrance to Haris 3 soldiers randomly check cars.

16.00 Azzun  …a police jeep stands at the entrance.

16.30 Izbit al Tabib   We met a resident who that morning had received a demolition order.

16.50 Habla…the gate is open




                    ילדה מקומית