Reihan, Shaked, Sat 15.5.10, Morning

Sarit A., Dibi (guest from the USA) Rachela H. (reporting)
Translated by Yael S.

0700 Rihan checkpoint

Saturday morning at the checkpoint. People are obedient - getting in five at a time. Inside the terminal two windows are open. Many people fill up the exit sleeveinfo-icon, collage students cross over to the American University in Jenin. Its exams time now. Many "good mornings" are exchanged in Hebrew/Arabic /English. A few are interested in the young guest asking if she had join our shifts.

0810 - A line of 4 vehicles, waiting for a bus from Barta'a to complete its inspection. About 8 cars leave the vehicles' inspection post. More than 6 vans are in a waiting position.

0820 Shaked checkpoint
People stand under the shed talking. The site is quiet. Two cars pass by. A student waits. The gate to the cabin is shut. After a few minutes it opens and she goes through. Soldiers give a glance and don't come over to inquire.

In the absence of traffic we went to look at the beautiful Tobacco field near the checkpoint.

- We left.