'Anabta, Deir Sharaf, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Jit, Thu 15.4.10, Morning

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Zvia S., Rahel A. (reporting)

Translation: Hanna K.

DawnIrtah – the passage has been opened at 04:00.The queue at the entrance is crowded but tolerable. At the exit the turnstiles were closed for a few minutes, owing to a problem with the electrical appliance. There are no complaints. The parking lot has been closed (a week and a half ago) for cars transporting workmen. Only the people working at the CP are allowed to enter with their cars and park at the parking lot. The transportation cars wait for the workmen outside in great disorder and difficulties of passage. The workmen do not complain about this. Owing to the long waiting period from the moment they leave the CP until they leave for work, the big parking lot enables them more space for prayer and waiting. We left at 05:30 to fulfill a request which was made to us at Huwwara. All along the road, what used to be the Anabta, Barrels and Jit checkpoints, there were no soldiers and almost no vehicles, the hour was early. At Huwwara there was a company of soldiers. No Palestinians passed at this hour.
From Huwwara Za'taraTapuah until Ramat Ha-Sharon the road was free.
 A random check at Za'taraTapuah; A big earth mound which blocks the entrance to Zeita, "Sabh el Hir" (good morning) at the Samaria Passage, with our guttural het, and two Machsom Watch flags fluttering in view of the multitude of Israel flags on the way leading home to Ramat Ha-Sharon. Curious Israeli looks and one car blowing its horn, making the V sign and big smiles of Palestinians who know something about these flags.