'Anabta, Deir Sharaf, Huwwara, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Mon 10.5.10, Afternoon

Petahiya A.,Miriam S.

Zaatara (Tapuah) Intersection – empty.

Huwwara – 14:50: A military hummer on the side of the road, facing the entrance to the village, opposite us are five armed soldiers marching on the main road.

Huwwara CP – 15:15: The traffic flows.

At the entrance to Yitzhar  a jeep and soldiers.

The barrels CP – Is not manned.

Anabta – The traffic flows. Now soldiers in view.

Irtah - 16:00: When we arrive we see a group of about 30 workmen at the entrance to the CP. Within ten minutes of waiting a queue of over hundred people has accumulated. It turns out that inside a new equipment for identification is being operated, which are intended to replace the inspectors. The process is at its first stages and is stuck, and the queue accumulates quickly to a state of pressure and crowdedness.

Every few minutes a green bulb lights up and a group of persons is made to enter the space before the actual checking point. The process is slow and the fury of the people mounts.

Petahya calls the DCO and I enter when the revolving door opens. I photograph from the inside the new checking instruments. One has to pus the plastic cars at on opening, and to place the right hand on another opening, the identification is not always immediate.

The queue is stuck here too, when the machine isn't able to identify an ID card or the palm of a hand. There is not help, as the checking booths are not manned at all.

It seems that the presence of the photographer and pressure from the DCO result in the cancellation of the checking and the workmen are ordered to pass without making use of the machine. The revolving gate is released aswell. After about a quarter of an hour the queue is dissolved, the pressure and the pushing stop and even the women who waited at the side, fearing the shoving get an opportunity to join the queue safely. Although the number of women is relatively small, one should demand a special side entrance for them. As can be seen on the photograph they arrive lade with parcels and wait patiently for a long time to enter.