Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Thu 13.5.10, Morning

Nurit S. and Michal Tz. (reports)

Translation: Bracha B.A.

Meytar Crossing
At 06:45 the sleeveinfo-icon is almost empty and all workers have gone through. Many are waiting for their shuttles on the Israeli side. The shed is empty and there are no family visits today. The parking lot for trucks is very crowded.

Route 60
There are a lot of military vehicles on the road, in particular near the Dura Elfawwar Junction and the southern entrance to Bnei Naim.  Aside from that, the movement of women and children is undisturbed.

The new Nofei Mimre neighborhood is developing at the entrance to Kiryat Arba, its terraces overlooking Ata Jaber. On the opposite hill, another block was added to the settlement. If this is a "construction freeze", then what does a compromise mean? In the city itself, the occupation-routine continues. Luckily the Nahal Brigade soldiers are still present and no one is detained. TIPH members walk down the Shuhada Street. The CpT people are sitting on the rocks at the Pharmacy junction, and a lot of women, men, and children are coming down from the Tel Romeida neighborhood towards the Tarpat Checkpoint. The soldiers at the checkpoint checking no one. 
All is quiet at the Patriarchs' Cave but the souvenir shops are not open yet.

Luckily, all is as usual. On our way back, we stopped at Dura Elfawwar to meet with our friend N. It is always interesting to talk to him. His natural leadership qualities, wisdom, and knowledge help him fight the daily war of existence, albeit not sufficing for him to obtain a work permit in Israel – something he is very eager to get. Someone is always trying to blackmail him but he is uninterested.
On the way back, at the exit from the Dura junction, the soldiers came down from the pillbox to check people's papers.