Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Mon 10.5.10, Morning

Shoshana Z., Nina S. (reporting)

Chana S. translating

 8.45 Huwwara.
  Soldiers in front of the entrance towards the checkpoint check that Jewish Israelis do not enter Nablus.  Arabs are permitted after their ‘Arab identity’ is established by their documents.
 No checking at the entrance. Passage is fairly free at exit.  A spot check of cars and no queues.  9.40    Za'tara/Tapuah. 
There is some stopping of cars for document checking for a few minutes.  Most cars pass without checking.  In front of the checkpoint entrance a soldier directs cars to different lanes while in one lane there is no checking or soldier.
 One car is sent to the parking lot for checking by dog and its handler. 10.00 Zeita. 
The entrance is blocked, as usual.  Has the army forgotten this place and left it blocked by mistake? 
There seems no point to this obstacle, while opposite all is open.