'Awarta, Huwwara, Sun 9.5.10, Morning

Yael B., Ayala H., Ditza Y. (reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.


09:00 Huwwara –
Soldiers stationed at the entrance to Nablus (next to the parking lot) ask to see our ID cards.  They accept our claim that they aren’t authorized to demand to see our ID’s, and relax when they realize we don’t intend to enter Nablus.

A car coming from Nablus is inspected at the checkpoint, and released a short time later. 
Additional vehicles exit without inspection.

At the falafel stand – a young man requests our help.  He’s marrying a woman from Tira and wants to live with her there, but he hasn’t been allowed to go there, even for a visit. 
We’ll look into it, but it’s hard to imagine we’ll be able to help.

 09:45 Za’tara/Tapuach junction -  No cars at the checkpoint.