Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Sun 9.5.10, Afternoon

Nava D., Daniela G. (reporting)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

15:00 pm, Etzion DC: four to five cars are parked in the parking lot, three men in the waiting hall. One of them is just waiting for someone inside, two - have been waiting at the turnstile for 15 minutes, they say. But there is no one at the desk behind the window. Very soon someone does enter the small office – a plain dressed man who seems reluctant to answer us. Instead, he calls out a name and it is obvious he is a GSS "Captain". We surmise that the man he is calling out for is on the other side, waiting at the outdoor turnstile and we offer to go get him for which we are curtly thanked. There's somewhat of a to and fro since the man sought by the GSS guy is brought in only to be told to go back outside and wait to be let in through the turnstile he has been waiting by all along.

During this episode,another young man enters the waiting hall, having also been waiting outside for a "Captain" since 11:00, he says. The GSS guy behind the window is again not too cooperative but we do manage to get him to answer that, yes, this second man should wait. Some 20 minutes later he is called in as well but at this time of the day there can be just one purpose for that – to be summoned for another day.

In the meanwhile the soldier is back at his post behind the window, he lets those two waiting immediately in and same goes for the very few others seeking service.


Bethlehem CP, 16:00: It seems like the usual swift pace of people going through till out of some buses workers pour out and soon the familiar two lines are formed outside the hall. Unlike other times, the queue gets longer and longer till it reaches the street and it doesn't seem to move. We go in, a blue policeman appears and two minutes later he allows the whole mass to go through without any checking. It turns out that the computers are slow or out of order and "the people shouldn't be the ones to suffer" he tells us.