'Azzun 'Atma, Thu 20.5.10, Morning

Esti W. and Na'ava E.

Translation: Hanna K.

Azzun Atma 06:20 –
Great rejoicing – today too there is no considerable queue.
The soldiers on the site are cordial. According to them the computer people work swiftly and the pressure is spread over the many hours during which the CP is open – since 04:30.

On the road many Israeli Palestinians are waiting in their cars for workmen. They look forward to the day on which there won't be any checkpoints at all.

One of them tells us about the problems the police created for him when they stopped him near Oranit with a Palestinian who had an authorization to work on the seam-line. He was taken to the Ramleh police station, was brought before a judge and was released without any indictment.
Thus a working day was wasted for both of them.