'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 6.5.10, Afternoon

Hana H., Tsafrira Z., Ruti H. (reporting)

Translated by Yael S.

15:00 Aanin checkpoint
The checkpoint open on time atmosphere is calm. 5 tractors and about 20 pedestrians went through at a reasonable pace.
One Israeli civilian car with one woman, an  Israeli citizen, and two Arab women arrived, the women paused for a little while and were gone.

15:30 - The checkpoint closes, we went on to Shaked/Tura.

מחסום עאנין צילום רותי ח
15:40 - Shaked-Tura checkpoint
3 private cars and a number of passengers were inspected in the usual procedure - passengers  walking, the car is inspected and they all cross over to the other side. 7 minutes for each car.
One of those wishing to cross over turns to us presenting a valid passage permit "that does not allow entrance to Israel". With such a permit, he claims, every so often is delayed for two hours."
Another arrives at the gate with 3 begs of flour, 30Kg. each, but he is not allowed to bring in the flour.

16:20 Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint
As we arrive on site I (Ruti) took some photos, I was politely stopped and my camerainfo-icon was examined and following my explanations as to the subjects of my photos, the fellow took photos for me.
There were 9 young illegal aliens who were detained and after 9 minutes went through.
Other than that traffic was sparse and passage was swift.