'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 7.6.10, Morning

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Ana N"S and Hana H.

6:00 - 7:50

Who is to be blamed for the Holocaust?

 6:00 - Anin checkpoint 
The gate was opened on time but the computer is down and there is a search for paper and pen to operate the checkpoint. Passage begins at 6:05. We're told that there are about 40 people awaiting passage, which is swift and is handled quietly. 1-2 minutes per person. Children are also among those going through although summer vacation has not started yet.

6:30 - Rihan checkpoint 
About 30 workers wait for transportation at the upper car park area. Those coming out tell us that their stay inside the terminal does exceed 30 minutes. Inside the terminal there is a long lines before the exit, but passage is run quietly.
There are still problems with the Biometric inspection and those who failed the exam are directed to Salem. One worker who was only yesterday in Salem to settle that matter is again detain for that same problem.Inside the enclosed area 5 pickup trucks loaded with goods is under inspection and 7 more pickup trucks wait at the lower car park area.
On our way to the lower care park area we had the "pleasure" of encountering a female settle who yelled at us "Because of you there was the Holocaust and because of you another 6 million Jews would die" and on and on.
Last week too we heard such curses, Have they gone to further extreme?Workers who arrive at the checkpoint are swallowed inside the terminal immediately "Hamsa Hamsa" - five at a time. At the lower car parlk area we  met this young man whome for a few days now he is not allowed passage. He is accused for not returning one evening to his village. He claims that he returns home after work every single day. We have recently came accors  with more of such cases. The question been asked is , if there is a proper registration of those returning home ?At 7:00 He tried his luck one again and apparently this time he was lucky.

 7:30 - Shaked checkpoint
The young school children are on vacation and the older pupils cross over for exams without any problems. About 10 people wait by the carousel, those going through complain of an especially slow passage, in fact each one stays about 5 minutes inside the inspection cabin.Cars cross over to both directions.
A farmer who came out with his tractor at 7:45 complains that by the time he arrives at work it is late and hot and he is forced to stop working at 10:00 am. - His request is that at summer time the checkpoint would open earlier.