Reihan, Shaked, Thu 3.6.10, Afternoon

Tsafrira Z., Rutie H. (reporting)

15:15 - Anin checkpoint -

Very quiet. An officer turn to us with mixed feelings, we exchange words "Hello and good bye"

15:40 Shaked-Tura checkpoint
Quiet. 4 people waited for transportation.

16:10 Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint
When we arrived traffic was scarce and the carousel at the upper entrance to the terminal was vacant.With in a few minutes about 15 workers had arrived, the carousel was stuck for about 7 minutes while more people kept coming, there was a beginning of unrest, voices were heard from inside and the carousel idle,
It would move once in every 3-5 minutes and only 5 workers were allowed to enter at a time. We called Sharon, the person in charge.
Another post had opened and the pace of passage was accelerated. At 16:25 a sudden acceleration when every 2 minutes 6 peopled entered.

17:00 - The checkpoint is calm. and we left.

We were approached by 3 workers who were puzzled as to how come we do not make observations at Sha'ar Ephraim (Taibe). They thought it was important that we stand there because thing there are handled with extreme difficulties. They say that especially on Fridays the checkpoint opens late and workers ' at times' are unable to make it to work at all.ל.