Reihan, Shaked, Tue 15.6.10, Morning

Hanna E., Neta G., (Reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A.

06:55 – Shaked-Tura Checkpoint
This morning the gatesinfo-icon of the checkpoint opened several minutes early.  Several cars are waiting to drive from the seamline zone to the West Bank.  On the other side four cars, about two dozen people, and a herd of goats are waiting to cross.   After about 10 minutes the first person emerges into the seamline zone.
Y., a driver, arrives with three young men who are going to work in Tura collecting eggs.  When the car is checked they get out and wait but don't have to enter the inspection booth.
One of the people coming out complains about one of the soldiers who speaks to the people rudely in the inspection booth.  A lieutenant arrives and we speak to him about it.  There are also three representatives from the Liaison and Coordination Administration present: one senior official and two new ones.
A large taxi arrives and the passengers get out to be checked.  They are proctors who are going to the high school in Barta'a to supervise the matriculation examinations in Arabic. One holds the treasured examination forms, and the other is adjusting his belt [after being  checked].  83 students will take the examination today in East Barta'a.  Good luck!
07:45 The herd of goats that have been patiently waiting finally go through to the samline zone and another crosses to the "lone house."  

08:00 Reihan-Barta'a Checkpointפינת תפילה בחנייה צילום נטע גולן
Eight taxis are waiting in the upper parking lot on the seamline zone side to take workers and businesspeople to East Barta'a.  Four loaded tenders and a car are waiting to be checked in the vehicle inspection facility.  About 20 people are waiting to enter the terminal on the West Bank side and go in within a few minutes.  Others arrive and go in immediately. The parking lot on the Palestinian side has been widened towards the security road and the yellow gate has been moved accordingly.  Many of the people who own new cars prefer to park there.  A corner to pray has been set up underneath the shelter with rugs and prayer rugs on the floor and enclosed with a wire.  (See photo). 


08:30 – We returned through Barta'a.  The new entry gate is almost finished and part of the area is well-kept.  The market is beginning to come to life.