Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Tue 1.6.10, Morning

Yehudit K. and Michael Zt. (reports)

Translation: Bracha B.A.

The IDF demonstraties its presence "so that they won't make problems."
2. The security network of Kiryat Arba – a police force within a police force.
3. A historic event: removing the roadblock to Dahariya

At 07:00 all the workers are already on the Israeli side, and there are no longer any prisoners' families.

Route 60
The Sheep Junction: Three IDF jeeps are parked at the junction and soldiers stand around. People arrive with sheep.  We go up to see why the IDF is here. We are asked to identify ourselves.   "What are you doing here?" they ask."We've come to observe.  Have you heard of us?"No, they haven't. We ask what they were doing. A sergeant comes up and whispers to them not to talk to us.  "They're those leftists." One leaves, the other stays. He explains that there is a sheep market here. "We have to demonstrate our presence. So they won't make any trouble.""Why should they make troubles?  It's their routine.  Why interfere?"There is no answer.

At the entrance to Kiryat Arba the guard stops us and asks us to wait. He claims that this car drove away once when he asked the driver to wait. He now follows orders and takes our IDs. He makes a phone call and asks us to wait until he receives permission to open the gate. I call the police at the Cave of the Patriarchs. He cannot help me and refers me to the Hebron police. They cannot help me either. I call 100 and am told that these people have authority to detain anyone they want. My objections that I am a citizen and can go where I please are to no avail. The guard tells me to be patient and wait. Eventually he will let us through, but he needs to await permission. After 15 minutes we were allowed to enter. The settlement opposite Nofei Mamreh still stands and construction at Nofei Mamere itself continues. Curve 160: There are a lot of military vehicles but no one is detained. Children are on their way to school. It appears that things are normal despite the latest events. At the Pharmacy junction we are met by a police van.  They are friendly and only want to know how we are. I tell them about the police in Kiryat Arba and the policeman smiles. "Are you aware that there is a police force within the police force?  What would you say if people from Omer prevented residents of Kiryat Arba from entering settlements? Who is in charge of whom? He smiles and asks if things are well with me. I reply that they are, but... hey, aren't you supposed to be protecting citizens' rights?!" I ask."You are supposed to keep an eye on us!" He answers.    

Within the city itslef, everything is as usual.
soldiers are at their positions but do not detain anyone. Anat Cohen passes by in her car but luckily does not harass us. 
We went to see Osama Abu Sarakh. We were pleased to hear that the people from Yesh Din had contacted him and will be coming to see him. We also saw Atta Jaber, the farmer who is trying to keep his land next to Kiryat Arba. He was also promised a visit from Yesh Din..  On our way back we saw that the road to Dahariya was open. There was a yellow gate in place but we were told that it would remain there only while the road is paved and that, once done, the road will be open completely. We will follow up what is happening there.