Reihan, Shaked, Wed 16.6.10, Morning

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Nava R.

 10:10 - Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint
A 12 years old boy sits all alone in the shed at the Palestinian car park . I tried asking why ?. It turns out that his father went through with a passage permit for a visit in Barta'a at the Seam Line zone and the child wasn't allowed to join him. After a while a man, apparently the father returns from Barta'a, takes the child and enters the terminal.I moved to the side of the Seam Line, which is friendlier, and went down the net sleeveinfo-icon to the entrance of the terminal.
I've waited there for an hour and couldn't see either the father nor the son coming out. I was unable to inquire with the inspector as to their where about.

Six trucks , double trailers loaded with gravel drove through the checkpoint into the West bank . It is unclear as to its purpose.

12:00 - Shaked-Tura checkpoint

A few children went through as well as some cars and three horses with two riders.

12:10 - I left a quiet checkpoint.