Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Mon 28.6.10, Morning

Natanya G; Yehudit K (reporting) and Mohammed at the wheel

6.45 no workers in view, a cluster of people waiting for the gate to open at 7:00 for the families

Route 60
Empty except for very few pedestrians and vehicles. Mohammed saw a truck with Israeli plates in front and Palestinian plates at the rear.

The Pharmacy checkpoint closed and empty - how do people cross and where? (not that there is a shortage of checkpoints in town!)

The city center is empty. At Palestinian Tel-Rumeida we spotted two ISM observers who assured us that the situation was 'cool'.

Except for the checkpoints in town, very low profile of soldiers. Sneeringly 'friendly' Border police near Patriarchs' cave.

We did a short tour of the Prayers' Alley (Tsir Hamitpallelim), and the temporary blockades are still in situ.

And a mystery: Mohammed took us to a road leading, we think, to K. Arba via Givat Harsina and said that the road was supposed to be opened to (Jewish) worshippers. On the Palestinian side of the road there are

heavy blockades but the road itself looked open. Both observers were a bit mystified - can anyone enlighten us?