Hebron, Wed 30.6.10, Afternoon

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Ra'aya Y. and Hagit S. (reports)

Translation: Bracha B.A.

We are joined by our friend Tzipi who is bringing food and clean laundry to her son who is conducting peace and youth leadership activities in Tel Romeida.  We can now take an opportunity to see what he is doing there. 

The children are on summer vacation and are in the streets. There are four young men being detained at the checkpoint below the police station. Border Police soldiers tell us that one of these men lied to them and said that he didn't have a cell phone but actually, he did. What difference does it make whether he had one or not?  They have been detailed for half an hour and the soldiers tell us that we cannot talk to them and must not interfere. We attempt to call the Liaison and Coordination Administration and another soldier arrives to explain what is going on. An Arab-speaking officer arrives and the soldiers present all four young men with a "detention form" that they must sign saying that they were not beaten, had no complaints, and had nothing confiscated…An hour later someone from the Liaison and Coordination Administration in Hebron calls back and asks what happened, promising to investigate the event with the detaineesinfo-icon.
Tel Romeida: soldiers are checking ID cards and ask where we are headed, not allowing us in before explicit permission arrives. This is something new. We visited Michael's house and studio and were extremely impressed and looked out on the huge city of Hebron from the Tel Romeida checkpoint above the city.