Reihan, Shaked, Sat 12.6.10, Morning

Sarit A., Rachel H. (reporting)

Translated by Yael S.

07:00 - 09:00 07:00 - Shaked checkpoint 
 We follow the 5 soldiers (male and female) who arrive to open the gate. A yellow cab wait. the driver tells us that at precisely 8:00 o'clock he needs to be in Barta'a with the form of the matriculations exams with teachers, examiners and observers. The entire operation is coordinated with the DCO and the time table is crucial, but the soldiers has just arrived.
 At 7:10, the cab is still under inspection. More students arrive on site on their way for exams as well as others. The line at the entrance to the inspection cabin grows longer.
On the side of Tura there is also a line of cars and sheep.
At 7:15 we call the DCO. He is aware of the matriculations cab.
At 7:20 the cab left,the herd cross over. There is a child riding bicycles on the road between the fences.
Male soldier: "He should move away from here"
Female soldier:"Why?"
The kid, on his part turns his bicycles west and goes out of our site.


7:30 - We left.

7:40 - Rihan checkpoint
 More than 5 vans. Drivers report of only a few people crossing over today. A security guard opens the gate of the vehicles' inspection area, stoops around the water carrier by the gate and returns inside.
 Inside the terminal two windows are open untill 8:00 o'clock. the corridors are empty.
 Every so often somebody would cross the gate, but when a cab with 6 passengers arrives and all go inside , the sixth person is sent back noisily , until the gate was closed behind him.
Average inspection and passage time is about 8-10 per person.
About 15 van passengers slide there magnetic cards at the entrance post, while a line of 4 cars  strings behind it.
 8:25 - 9 other cars wait for inspection.
On the way out there is a sign "Carful Automatic barrier"  What for ?
7 vans wait for passengers.