Reihan, Shaked, Sun 11.7.10, Morning

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Ruthi T., Hanna H., (Reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A.
7.45 – 5.55

Reihan Checkpoint: 05:55
About 10 people are waiting for rides in the upper parking lot, and report to us that they went through the terminal in about ten minutes. One of the people tells us that on Saturdays there is heavy traffic in the terminal between 08:00 and 09:00.  People in the lower parking lot enter the terminal immediately and pass through the terminal quickly.   When we descended the sleeveinfo-icon to the entrance we found the terminal quiet and people coming out quickly.  People are returning from night shifts in the seamline zone and are returning to the West Bank.

At 06:10 four vehicles enter the facility to be checked.  At 06:23 two cars drive in towards the West Bank and are stopped immediately at the vehicle checkpoint.  The passengers run their magnetic cards through the machine and their ID cards are checked and they continue on their way without the vehicle being checked.  One woman who has no magnetic card is sent to the terminal.  

8 tenders with merchandise are waiting in the lower parking lot and four more are being checked in the vehicle facility. 
At 06:55 there are about 15 workers waiting in the upper parking lot for vehicles to come out of the closed inspection facility.

07:05 Shaked Tura Checkpoint 
The checkpoint only opened at 07:05 and the soldiers checked the area.  People entered the area checkpoint but have to wait until 07:12 for the inspection room to open. 20 people, two herds of goats and five vehicles are waiting to enter the seamline zone and six people, two cars, and a taxi with passengers pass quickly and quietly to the West Bank.  The leaves on the tobacco plants near the checkpoint are dried up and cannot be harvested.

At 07:30 the Bedouin who was beaten yesterday by one of the soldiers returned home from the hospital in Jenin.  He tells us that after he left the inspection room yesterday he encountered a soldier who did not speak but made some unclear movements with his hands.  He interpreted these motions as a hint to raise his shirt and  open his belt (the usual harassment) and did so.  The soldier then turned to his brother who spoke Hebrew and the man's pants fell down.  This evidently angered the soldier who began to beat him.  He claimed that after the soldier beat him they moved him outside the fence to the West Bank side where he collapsed.  He was then taken to the inspection room where the soldiers took care of him and gave him an injection. 
The incident occurred at 08:30 and he was taken to the hospital in Jenin [only] at 11:30.  There he was found to have suffered from beatings on the upper part of his body and he is still suffering from [pains] in his neck and has to return to the hospital for a follow-up examination tomorrow.  The soldier who beat him was not at the checkpoint today but the soldiers who were present say that he was not beaten but had a cardiac incident and that they took care of him.

At 07:45 the checkpoint is quiet and occasionally someone arrives and goes through. .