Hamra, Tayasir, Wed 21.7.10, Morning

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Revital S, Rachel H (reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A.

We passed by the Bezek Checkpoint at 05:30.

 05:55 – Hamra Checkpoint – You don't have to come here.  I'm doing your job for you.

The flag of the armored corps is flying high next to the Israeli flag and a dirty military police flag is lying next to the bunker at the junction.  A jeep belonging to the Liaison and Coordination Administration  is there with a dozen reservists and women soldiers with a dog.  There is very little traffic.  People come out with their belts in their hands and climb into waiting taxis.  A person from the Liaison and Coordination Administration tells us, "You don't have to come here.  I'm doing your job for you.  There are reservists here now and they are top-notch."
He explains that the heavy traffic occurs at 03:00 or 04:00 in the morning and that people come back from work at noon. Why come here if everything is OK?   Now there are easier measures.  It used to be more difficult.  We used to find explosives every day at Huwara.   If there were no checkpoints people would blow themselves up in Netanya. 

At 06:15 a military vehicle arrives with 7 soldiers and they unload containers with breakfast.   The car leaves shortly with soldiers who were on the night watch to take them to the Tirza camp to sleep.  Now there are 13 soldiers who are more alert.  They chat with the military policewomen and walk about aimlessly and pet the dog.  
The person from the Liaison and Coordination Administration returns to talk with us again and then leaves after being insulted by something we said.  Perhaps he didn't like our claim that the reserve duty wastes valuable work days.  He says, "If the soldiers are not necessary, than you aren't either." 
We left at 07:15.
07:25 –  Gate near Roee`s settlment
The gate is open and according to the cars, the workers in the greenhouses are already at work.  The flocks are already out in the fields and it is getting hot despite the fact that it is a bit cloudy.

07:50 – Tayasir Checkpoint
There are 4 reservists who have been there for 26 days and who will leave tomorrow.  The place looks completely abandoned and they report that everything is very quiet.  A very impressive man gets out of a car when we arrive and reports that he is in charge of a group of volunteers building mud brick houses in the Jiftlik.   

At 08:15 a jeep unloads breakfast for the soldiers and we left. 

08:30 – The guard at the Bezek checkpoint signals us not to cross.  After a short conversation of "how are things?"  Couldn't be better, we left.  עזבנו.