Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Thu 29.7.10, Afternoon

Netanya G; Yehudit K (reporting). Mohammed at the wheel

Hebron and surroundings

two guests from Jerusalem, Orit and Uri.

We left in the afternoon, Sansana/Meitar deserted, Route 60 a trickle of

traffice.  Hebron also deserted, except for a large busload of

ultra-orthodox Jewish pilgrims. Uri tells us about his traumatic

encounter  as a miluimnik with Rabbi Levinger. We walked along the

worshippers route, and, guess what: the 'temporary' blockades are still

in place. We continue to the Jaber family, where  the situation has also

not improved. Despite the torn and broken irrigation pipes, the garden

is lovely and, as Netanya says, a paradise in  hell.  Mohammed and the

visitors bought vegetables