Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Thu 8.7.10, Afternoon

Ora A, Yael S (reporting)

We moved our shift to arrive on Thursday at 10:20.
And there were surprises...
Firstly, six men were waiting for Shabak. At least one of them was there for the second time in one week. We agreed that the Shabak stands beyond the law and there is no substantial element interested in knowing how or what is done: "We cannot intervene in decisions," I was told by senior bodies.
Today was the day of Beit Sahur, and they did not agree to make magnetic cards for anyone not from there: "They have three months in which to renew a magnetic card before it expires. We tell them that. Why do they arrive at the last minute?" We had no answer, and one of the waiting men was angry that we did not want to help...
In the two hours we were there they dealt with some thirty men who received magnetic cards.
Because of the oppressive heat we did not sit outside. The air conditioner was malfunctioning in the waiting room, and it was hot there too.

We left at 12:00 (we waited an hour to receive a pass for Yael, otherwise there was nothing to do already at 11:15).