'Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Sat 17.7.10, Afternoon

Natalie C., Ruthie R.

Natanya translating.
 12.00 We drove to Huwwara through Jamma'in. This is the road which just lately has had a dirt mound removed and this only after a number of years. We gave someone a lift, A blacksmith from Urif and immediately we heard a personal story and sat with him to drink coffee. He asked our help with an accident  in 1999 for which he had not received compensation.
13.00 Huwwara CP.  This is not our day. We are not allowed into the parking lot and again we are shouted at. “Can you not see that there is an incident here?”  The truth is we saw nothing and there was nothing special. We stopped at the circle and saw that cars and trucks were leaving Nablus with no problem and no problem for those entering. Was it just cruelty? We went on

13.15 Awarta CP.  The checkpoint is closed. There are soldiers in the sentry tower.
Beit Furik CP. A soldier in the tower and we went on to Alon Moreh.  At a base outside Alon Moreh we stopped a moment to look at the map.
Soldiers demanded our IDs and we went on our way
13.40 Huwwara. Again we were not allowed to park to the place from where we usually we keep watch.
Two sappers shouted….why is everyone shouting today…. Get the hell out of here.
We decided to go to the Jordan Valley.

14.00 Za’tara/Tapuach CP. No line and we went on our way after a few minutes.