Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Sun 18.7.10, Afternoon

Daniella G., Maya B.-H. (reporting)

Ezyon DCO, 3:15. Half a dozen people are crowded at the turnstiles. "How 
long have you been waiting?". "Since 7am", says one. But after 
clarifications, it turns out they have not all really been waiting that 
long. Still, these unexplained waits can wear one out. We try to catch 
the attention of the guy at the window, and the immediate reponse is that 
... he lowers the shade! So much for that. After several attempts to 
contact some one by phone we get a female soldier who promise to help. 
And indeed, the turnstile open soon thereafter, and all thoe who wait are 
ushere inside. As we leave, some have already emerged on the other side, 
reporting that they were appropriately dealt ith inside.

Bethlehem CP, 4:15. Vans keep pouring their human cargo at the entrance, 
but timing passage shows that people pass within a minute or two.