Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Tue 10.8.10, Afternoon

Yael L.-J .(reporting). Avital F.

2.30 till 5.30 PM
General situation: one day before Ramadan.

We took the way via the small checkpoint Wallerjee, which was almost empty. Just two cars drove towards us.

3.30 PM, Etzion DCL: on the parking lot 6 cars with Palestinian numbers were parked. Seven people were inside the waiting hall. They were telling us, that they were already waiting for more than 1 hour. During our conversation I looked up the telephone numbers of some superiors who could move the procedure. The turnstile got opened and all the waiting men were admitted.  Only one accompanying  friend of an applicant was left outside with us.   

We were unable to observe what was happening to the 6 people who were admitted and nobody else came  - therefor we left the DCL.

4.20 PM, Bethlehem - Checkpoint 300: the street inside the checkpoint on which usually cars are allowed to cross was closed.  So was the parking lot.

Three counters were open.  That was enough to keep the passage  to  Bethlehem operating. From Bethlehem we were observing only 6 tourists who got some help  from a civil guard.