Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tue 10.8.10, Morning

Tamar G., Michal T., (reporting, photos)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

South Mount Hebron, Hebron

Translation: Bracha B.A.

1. More evidence of the rampant behavior of settlers in Hebron

2. The Civilian Authority dismantles and confiscates irrigation equipment of farmers for the fourth time. 

The entire trip to Hebron was routine except for a large military convoy that we passed.  There was no hint of the activity that we were to witness in Hebron.


Immediately after we reached Tzir Tzion - known as Wadi Hassin to the local residents, immediately behind the checkpoint that separates Kiryat Arba from the rest of the city, next to the first row of shops, a man named Fatkhi Jabber el Gabri invited us to see his shop that had been burned.  The graffiti  scrawled on the doors explained everything.  He explained that the shop had been burned 40 days ago  but none of the factors responsible had offered any answer or help.  The store was completely burned.

South Mount Hebron

Before continuing on our usual route we stopped to see Atta Gaber and to hear if he had any news.  He called us to come and said, "They're here again." A team of Rueters crewmen were situated opposite his house and we were told to go to the fields opposite where people were dismantling equipment.   We hurried down dirt roads and reached the vineyards and fields where workers from the civilian authority were dismantling sprinklers and loading them onto a truck with a crane.  A bulldozer was leveling the ground. Soldiers and people from the Border Patrol guarded the workers.  We asked to speak to the person in charge and were referred to Yizhar Lahav who is appointed by the authority and in charge of water.  He presented us with documents.  We asked if they had demolition orders. 

"Not here," he answers.  "We're not demolishing anything,  We're only confiscating the irrigation equipment.  They are stealing water."   After some more discussion regarding the legality of their actions an officer from the Liaison and Coordination Administration arrives and orders them to leave.  He orders his people, "We have to go somewhere else."

All these logistics and manpower left to continue their "sacred work."  Perhaps our presence daunted them.   We returned to our car to find the back window shattered and a rock on the ground among the broken glass.  This was not done by chance.