Abu Dis, Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Fri 13.8.10, Morning

Idit S., Roni P., Michaela R.
First Friday of Ramadan
Zeitim Crossing

Relative to previous years, there are fewer people.  Crossing is well-organised and sign-posted: first clearance at the eastern parking lot, second clearance before entry into the checkpoint area, then check-free crossing in the corridors.
The soldiers conducted themselves correctly.  One female soldier was conspicuous for exercising good judgement and making an effort to speak in Arabic.  She was required to deal with many issues, and she did so rationally and leniently.
Everything was so proper, and yet...
As every year, persons not of the permitted age tried every and any means to persuade the soldiers to let them through and to exercise their human rights.  Children without parents clung to adults, adults clung to the handicapped or elderly  as companions.  A sense of heartache vitiated the sea of celebrants in their holiday dress.