Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Sun 15.8.10, Morning

Chana A. (reporting)

07:00 am, Bethlehem -Checkpoint 300: the EAPPI have returned, Faye was observing on our side. Among many things, I discovered that the PA has gone back to winter time for Ramadan (and on), so there is now a one hour time difference with us. This may have been reported before, but it was news to me.

Three windows were open (Faye reported four open between 5-5:45), but the going was very problematic. There was a lot of shouting on the other side, our friend Omar called to report that all hell was breaking loose, it took people at least one hour to cross and some of the workers went back after they had evidently missed their rides to work. People were understandably irritated, all this on Ramadan, in the heat expected to develop during the day, why could things not have been organized better? We complained several times. Today, Monday, Omar called again in the early hours of the morning and reported an even slower and more painful crossing. It took him more than two hours!!

07:00 am: EAPPI reported 1180 people had crossed. 07:45 the crossing was finished.

08:25 am, Etzion DCL: some 25 people were waiting in the waiting room. Ten had already been received to the windows inside. One of the Christian women there is our friend Dina H.. She came with a list of members of her church to request permits for a Christian holiday on Thursday - the Tabor holiday. Bus-loads of people will go up to Mount Tabor (Church of the Beatitudes).

Otherwise it's quiet and uneventful until people come up to me with questions. For the crowd, I am Sylvia, also known as Chana. I am trying to be as helpful as S is and get a lot of questions. I take some new requests home with me.