Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Tue 31.8.10, Afternoon

Chana G., Rahel W. (reporting)
The Olive Terminal 

Aalmost empty.  Very few people going in either direction.


Bustling.  With the new dual highway and upgraded shops, there is a lot of commerce and there was a good sense of well being as people were getting ready for their evening meal.

Wadi Nar

We arrived at Wadi Naar at about 3:00.  Initially, there was minimal traffic, but within the half hour, traffic picked up considerably.  A few vehicles were stopped for inspection, but there were almost no delays.  It was very hot, and the soldiers obviously had as little interest in long delays as did the drivers.

We noticed on our return that the bulldozers are still working full steam ahead at the Qedar settlement.  More and more new houses are going up since the "freeze".