'Anin, Reihan, Mon 9.8.10, Morning

Lea R., Anna N. S.

Translated by Dvora K.

06.05 A'anin CP
When we arrived, we found that there were problems with the lock again! For a long time, a soldier tried to open the CP gate. Another soldier helped him, and the two of them did not succeed. Reinforcements were called in. A Hummer arrived but the soldiers that came did not manage to open the gate either. Finally, at 6:30, the CP was opened forcibly with the help of a 'parrot', a metal cutter with long arms.  Because there have been so many problems of this kind here, we appealed to the former head of the DCO, Colonel A'adel; we appealed early in order to prevent the residents' unnecessary delay. In the meantime it turns out that the computer is out of order and the woman soldier asks one of the soldiers for some paper to write on. About fifteen people are inspected hastily and go through within ten minutes. The soldier writes down the details of those entering on the piece of paper.

06.45 New Barta'a CP (Reihan)
As we go down to the CP we are told about the crowded inspection rooms. After that we are told by one of the security people that there was a technical problem, but that now it has been resolved. Perhaps because of our conversations with Sharon and with A'adel, the traffic to the CP keeps flowing all the time - workers and tradesmen on their way to work. A woman with a permit to enter Barta'a is sent back on the pretext that she spent the night in Barta'a. The woman claims that this is not so and presents items of evidence in excited Arabic, only a bit of which we understand. In a conversation with the DCO representatives and with the security person, we are told that the woman is well-known and this is not the first time that there is a claim that she did not return. She has to present herself at the DCO.

We suggested to everyone we talked to, to open an office or a branch of the DCO with all its functions at the terminal. A DCO representative should stay here to save the waste of time and money involved in getting to Salem.

At the vehicle CP in the direction of the West Bank, there is a queue of about twelve vehicles. A pickup truck is inspected for a long time, apparently because there are things that need clarification. But until he drove away, drivers had to wait behind him.

We left.