Reihan, Shaked, Wed 1.9.10, Morning

Vivien S.B., Laurie (guest), Nava R. (reporting)
08:00 Shaked-Tura checkpoint
Only two cars awaited crossong from the West Bank into the SeamLine zone, and only 8-9 people,  a herd of sheep, a donkey, and one car waited to cross over onto the West Bank.

All went through except for two youths who wanted to go from Dhaer-el-Malec ,at the SeamLine zone, to the West Bank and  had no valid passage permit.
They didn't want any help.

09:10 - Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint
Four vans with passengers , on rout to the West Bank, waited  by the upper vehicles'  checkpoint. Inspection of each vehicle and its passengers  took about 10 minutes.
Two pickup trucks loaded with goods waited for inspection and passage into the SeamLine zone. In a short while four other came along. They entered inspection only at 09:45.

At the Palestinian car park were eight drivers lying idle.
Merchants and people who work in East Barta'a arrived on site and immediately entered the terminal. All walked away with 10-15 minutes.

10:15 - We left the checkpoint.
Drove back through East Barta'a. Stores were open but very few shoppers were observed at this hour, perhaps it has to do with Ramadan.