Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya, Tue 24.8.10, Morning

Yael Z. and Zipi T. (reporting)

Translated by Bracha B.A. 

At 06:40 most of the workers had already crossed over and so, left the area. We attempted to approach the inspection point to see how many booths were open but were unable to do so. A security guard told us to leave. We were also unable to cross to the Palestinian side to interview workers. We were given explicit instructions over the loudspeaker to get back and understood that we were not wanted there, and left.

Route 35
The olive crossing is open. The entrance to Shiyuch is open, and a sign warning against entry to Area A has been put up instead of the checkpoint which was taken down. On the other side, next to the approach to Hebron, there are two rows of stones.  (Use is found for every rock around here.)

Hebron in the early morning on a hot summer day in Ramadan is empty and deserted. The settlement of Avihai that was recently demolished is showing signs of being rebuilt.