'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 27.10.08, Morning

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Anna NS, Netta G (reporting)
translated by L.W.
05:10 Reihan-Bartaa Checkpoint

In the upper parking lot vehicles are waiting to transport workers. One man already emerges towards them from the terminal.
Four cars are being checked at the vehicle checkpoint on their way to the Seam Zone.
Pouring rain. A few score people are waiting to cross under the roofing of the lower (Palestinian) parking lot, and they use the opportunity to ask us to get an increase in the size of the roof up to the entrance to the terminal. They approach the gate in tens, and enter in fives.
05:20 – seems that the terminal is blocked. People are compelled to wait ten minutes in the sleeveinfo-icon before entering the building.

06:10 Aanin Checkpoint
People striding along the road from the checkpoint to their fields. They say that 250 people came to the checkpoint, and 100 have already crossed. Many pass on tractor-pulled wagons. Many are put off by the rain (which has stopped meanwhile) and the mud, and decide to go back immediately after passing the checkpoint. Many are asking us to help in getting them agricultural passes for family members.
07:05 – the soldiers lock the gatesinfo-icon. Women and children are coming up from the Beduin village between the checkpoint and the settlement of Hinanit. The well-tdressed children go to school in Umm Reichan.

07:15 Shaked-Tura Checkpoint
Students and schoolchildren cross quickly to the West Bank. Those crossing into the Seam Zone enter in groups of six to the inspection hut, and come out in groups. Traffic of pedestrians and vehicles is comparatively heavy for this checkpoint.
07:40 – a DCO representative arrives at the checkpoint. His first action: to drive us back behind the gate.

08:00 Reihan-Bartaa Checkpoint

People working in East Bartaa are arriving at this hour. They enter the terminal immediately. Tenders are being checked in the compound. Four more are waiting. The cargo includes sacks or recently picked olives.
A Yaabed resident tells us that the water pump there has broken down and the residents are forced to buy water from a tank brought by tractor. The tank comes from Jenin or Baqa el Sharkia. The cost is 100 shekels, and the water last a family 12 days. According to him, Amriha residents who do not have a regular supply of water bring from Baqa el Sharkia, but their price is only 50 shekels because they received a tractor and container as a gift from America.
08:30 – on our way home, they do not open the vehicle checkpoint for us. The security guard asks us to wait while he phones somebody. Two guards arrive with the operations manager (the one who deleted a photo from a visitor’s camerainfo-icon on 15.9.08) who places himself in front of us happily. The guards ask what we brought the Palestinians and what we got from them. We say that we brought used clothes, and received nothing. They check the empty luggage compartment and we drive on.