Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Wed 25.2.09, Morning

Tamar G., Yael Z. (reports)


Meitar- Sansana CP
No workers were seen at the Palestinian side, some vehicles were waiting for the last people at the Israeli side.

On our way back the driver was asked by the vice manager of the CP to handle his documents though.

Road No. 60

All the gatesinfo-icon towards the main road are open except for Daharia and Beni-Naim. Some unpaved roads were also open and cars were seen driving from the side roads to road 60. On the whole more Palestinian cars are seen on the roads.


Children on their way to their school, few soldiers were seen around.

Pharmacy CP – Smooth passing of children.

TARPAT CP – The teachers pass thorough the side gate, TIPH men watching them.

Tel Rumaida – 8 bored soldiers around one of them check documents from time to time.

Abraham's cave – Gutnick center is still close and silent, most of the concrete posts are vacant.

Shauch- Sair – Few people crossing toward the schools.

East Halhul – Both gates open, traffic from Hebron and towards it is not disturbed.

Road 365

Zif J – The gate is open, some cars cross the road.

The road is quite and almost empty. .