'Azzun 'Atma, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Sun 25.4.10, Morning

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Ditza Y., Yael B., Edna L. trans. Judith Green


Azzun Atmah:  5 people at the checkpoint, get out quickly.  One of the people who crossed the checkpoint told us that there was a lot of pressure earlier in the morning at the exit from the village.  A young Palestinian, father of three, asked for our help:  he has worked in Israel for several years but, about 4 years ago, his permit was not renewed.  He continued to work for awhile, without a permit.  Now he is prohibited from working in Israel and has not worked for 2 years.  He claims that he is not on the S.S. list, but he doesn't know why he has been prohibited.  We will try to help him with the assistance of Silvia.



Zaatra:  28 vehicles in the line in front of the checkpoint.



Huwarra:  Lots of movement of vehicles from Nablus southward, no delays at the checkpoint.  One car is inspected but quickly released.


We visit our friend in Huwarra.  He told us about the economic problems of the residents which are caused by the difficulty of getting work permits for Israel.  On the other hand, 2 new supermarkets have opened in the town, but this harms him as he owns a small shop, as it does other small businessmen.  He talked to us about the importance given to education in his area, and the great efforts made in order to give the younger generation an education.  He says that many people in his town are encouraging their daughters as well to get higher education, even at the expense of delaying marriage, and with the option of their continuing to work after marriage.  He says the reason for this is the difficult economic situation which requires women to go out to work.



Zaatra:  small number of vehicles, going through quickly.