Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Sun 2.5.10, Morning

Netanya and Yael Z. (reports)

Translator:  Charles K. 

06:45-09:45, Lag Ba’Omer
Sansana-Meitar crossing
The checkpoint is deserted even though it’s Sunday.  Many trucks loaded with sand on the eastern side of the checkpoint. One bus arrives, signaling that today there are family visits with prisoners.  On our way back we saw three buses packed with families waiting for the police on the Israeli side of the checkpoint. 

oute 60
Almost no traffic, a few children walking to school in the damp mist.  All the roadblocks are in place, and the gatesinfo-icon that are usually open are also open today.

Signs are visible all along the way announcing the Lag Ba’Omer children’s parade.  A soldier tells us that it was held yesterday, on Shabbat!!  Maybe that’s why the city is asleep.  The Jews have no school, and the children and their parents must be sleeping in.  Many discarded flyers and posters around the Cave of the Patriarchs, and rubbish that is probably left over from yesterday’s revelry.  Beit Gutnick is also silent.  Even the Nahal soldiers seem to stand sleepily at their stations.  No detaineesinfo-icon and no one is going through the checkpoints.

Worshippers’ route

Metal plates studded with nails have been added to reinforce the concrete barriers recently erected, preventing even a glimpse from the road into the building courtyards and the side alleys that the local population used to go through.  Apparently the roadblocks are intended to limit movement in the area forever.  How sad.