'Azzun 'Atma, Thu 8.4.10, Morning

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Esti W. and Na'ava A., as well as a guest – Yochi, who came equipped with a camera.

Translation: Hanna K.

 Azzun Atma 06:25
This morning too the sleeveinfo-icon is packed full with workmen on their way to building jobs at the settlement. Surprisingly there are few cars waiting on the side.
 The soldiers are still of the rear area headquarters. An unfriendly girl soldier who doesn't utter a word and a young smiling second lieutenant.
A military policeman tries to shoo us far away from the CP but relaxes finally.
 The soldiers are not ready to write down the ID number on a separate page and thus to speed up the passage.
They try to explain to us the terrible security risk involved in not checking the IDs against the computer. (Do you remember the days at Huwwara when there wasn't any computer yet and they used to pass on the suspect ID numbers by phone?)
The queue moves on slowly.  
The coffee vendors expect customers, but they are impatient when they leave the queue. 

 מוכר הקפה הקטן