Deir Sharaf, Huwwara, Jit, Za'tara (Tapuah), Wed 28.4.10, Afternoon

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Sarta F., Aliyah S. reporting

Translation: aliya S. 

15:00 Za'tara Junction

      There are no lines in any direction at the junction. All traffic is moving smoothly.

15:45  Huwwara

      All the traffic going through the checkpoint is moving smoothly.

      We see some busses and military vehicles at the beginning of the road going up to the settlement Bracha. As we watched, the busses and the military escort moved up the road. We returned to our car and just then 2 big Israeli busses came into the empty parking lot and parked. We asked one driver what's going on. "Today is the celebration of "The Sacrifice" for the Shomronim."  The army was accompanying them. As we drove from Huwarra to Jit Junction,  just past the road to Yizhar, a well used vehicle path goes north off the road and up the mountain. A military jeep with some soldiers stood at the turnoff to that path. The army, it seems, was not taking any chances with the Shomronims' celebration.

16:10  Jit Junction

      A policeman seemed to be giving a report to a driver while a soldier stood guard over them.  Nadim says that there is often a policeman and soldier at the junction.

  16:12  Dir Sharaf

      The checkpost is empty.