Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 7.4.10, Afternoon

Yael I., Ruth O. (reporting). Naama W. (guest)

14.30 – 18.00 PM, Bethlehem - Checkpoint 300:  our guest was a political science student who writes a paper about women organizations who are involved in the Israeli Palestinian conflict. We enjoyed her presence, the knowledge she showed and her intelligent questions.

We stopped at the Taxi stop on the way to Hussan in order to look at the improvised underground road towards El Hader,and were immediately approached by some men in need of help. One has a problem with the Police, the other with the Shabac. We gave them the phone numbers of Haya and Sylvia, hoping they will call and can be helped. We did not arouse big hopes.

Etzion DCL:  on our way to the DCL we entered the settlement Elazar, where we were two weeks ago, to see the progress of the building there. Indeed, many builders were busy working in the newly constructed houses and in the background some bulldozers were preparing new lots for further building.

The waiting hall in the DCL was empty, only one young man sat and waited for his cousin who was inside.

Since we heard over the news that a new wall is being built near Wallage, we went there to see it. Huge Earth work is being carried out between Har Giloh with its big new houses, and Wallage. We counted at least six enormous vehicles working there. Quite a few villagers were standing and watching the preparations made for the wall that will shut them in.

We returned to the tunnel road. The way along Beit Jalla is being repaired. According to one of the workers this is a joint Israeli – Palestinian venture helped by American Money.

Opposite Tantur stood an empty bus whose passengers stood next to it and were being checked by three soldiers. It’s a very long time since we have seen a scene like that.

At the entrance to CP 300 stood two very unfriendly civilian guards, but the people moved quickly in both directions.