Reihan, Shaked, Sat 10.4.10, Morning

Shula N., Noah L. (reporting)
0730 -0800 Tura-Shaked checkpoint
Busy traffic to both direction uncharacteristic for a Saturday. Pedestrians, horse, a herd of sheep and a donkey. About 15 people wait to get into the SeamLine zone. Those going through tell us that there is nothing unusual today. Each to his own.
Inspection takes longer. Only one person enters the inspection cabin at a time and also one vehicle alternately on both sides.
 More concrete  cubes covered with sacks inside the passage.
The goats occupy the roads and go through wherever they can only on the outer lane of the road.

After 20 minutes all those waiting had gone through.

0810-0850  Barta'a-Rihan checkpoint
Here too it is unusually crowded today. Many cabs waiting for passengers at the entrance of the sleeveinfo-icon and it is clear that there are still many people inside. and yes, we are told that there are many people inside the terminal ("two hundred") and there is a long delay of about 40 minutes.
Two windows are open and it appears that the delay is not at those two windows but rather inside. Compared with the above, exit is rather swift.
A few cars wait to get into the SeamLine zone, Cars going to the West Bank are inspected with the passengers at the vehicles' inspection post. One car goes under a more thoroughly inspection  when the driver was ordered  to open all doors including the engine cover and the trunk and to wait aside. Inspection took 5 minutes.
There are quit few people in the process of passage, especially inside the terminal leading to the SeamLine zone.

Since we had to leave, we didn't wait for all of them to get out.