'Anata, Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Sheikh Saed, Wed 14.4.10, Afternoon

Yael I., Ruth O. (Reporting)

14.30 – 18.00

 Sheikh Saed
As sleepy as always, very few people passing the CP. One very unfriendly soldier answers our questions with: "I do not have to answer you". We reacted with: "You certainly don't have to answer but since you wear a uniform you are supposed to identify yourself". He told us his name which we did not grasp but from that moment on he was much more polite.

We entered the neighborhood and saw a small group of children carrying some boxes. The soldiers did not allow them to pass the CP with these boxes. Apparently they contained some rabbits and the soldiers (now answering our question) claim the ministry of agriculture does not allow carrying any live stock into Israel.

An elderly man arrives and presents himself as a retired policeman (we have met him before and know that he does not always stick to the truth). He wants to carry out of Sheikh Saed three slaughtered chicken in a black plastic bag. He claims these chickens were bought in an Israeli super market so why can he not bring them into Israel. When the soldiers asked how come he brings them via Sheikh Saed he answers that his wife wanted to take a trip and they made a large detour. Of course we did not interfere in the discussion but felt the soldiers were right denying his request.

In Ras El Amud the building of the second apartment house in the Moskovitc settlement is almost finished. Also  much progress is being made in transforming the police buildings into living quarters for settlers. Two police cars and a few soldiers are protecting this Jewish infiltration into an Arab neighborhood .

 Abu Dis

The CP where the Pishpash was is almost ready. Also the door for the Kindergarten children has "grown" to full length and no stairs are needed any more .

 Olive Terminal

Very little is happening, we did not stop there.

 Wadi Nar

 The traffic moves undisturbed, the soldiers all sit on a bench and hardly notice the passing cars.

No car was stopped and even the usual sterileinfo-icon gap was not kept. People waved at us happily, but it was not because of us that it was so peaceful.

We went to see the divided road by the border police building. It is still not being used. A new wall is being put up we were not sure what its exact route is.


A large CP is being built on the southern side. Some time ago a soldier promised us this CP will be "as beautiful as Hisme". A woman sitting in a car asked us what exactly the meaning of this CP is. She said no body knows and many guesses and speculations are carried on. Are the inhabitants (Israeli citizens) not allowed to know what is being planned for them?