Bethlehem, Fri 5.3.10, Morning

Claire O. (reporting)

08.45 – 09.45 AM, Bethlehem - Checkpoint 300: two inspection stations are open, but two soldiers are sitting in one of them with both windows open, so in fact there are three inspection stations in operation. The arrival of Palestinians at the otherside of the checkpoint is slow so queues don’t build-up. There are no special events.

A security guard, who is apparently new, walks along the overhead bridge, with his rifle in his hand,and addressses me from above :


-  I request you to stand here (under the bridge– I had been walking back and


-  Why ?

-  Because I am asking you.

-  But why ?  I come here every Friday and I walk back and forth.

-  Just “because”;  there is no reason.

-  If there is no reason, then my answer is “No”, I answered him with a

   smile, and ignored him.


I hear him speaking on his radio about “Machsom Women”, and apparently they calm him down and he doesn’t address me again.