Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Thu 4.3.10, Afternoon

Shlomit S., Ora A. (reporting)

Etzion DCL: when we arrived, the hall was empty. “Computers have broken down.” No announcement of when they would be repaired. People who came to receive a magnetic card were not allowed in, and are compelled to return again next week. The policeman is also not in place. Another day. Only the duty soldier is present in his seat, talking to Palestinians and occasionally saying “thank you” and “please.”

We were approached by a young man who said that his sister, a ten year old girl, was suffering from leukemia, and had been called to a hospital in Jerusalem for treatment. He requested to accompany her to the hospital because she needed to be carried, and her mother could not do it. They refused him an entry permit because he is Shabak blacklisted. They recommended that his father, who works in Israel, should accompany the child. The father cannot, or doesn’t want, The youngster asked our help and we directed him to Sylvia.

Another youngster said that he has an entry permit and works in Israel. The day before yesterday he was denied entry at a checkpoint and told that he is “Shabak blacklisted.” Yesterday he received a letter with an army mail stamp on the envelope, containing a summons to trial. The summons gave a date for the trial which was, apparently, a day before he received the letter, with no hour noted and the location given as “Judea.” The summons stated that the indictment was attached, but there was no such thing in the envelope. The addressee, with the same name, was recorded under an identity number that was not his. He was holding an ID card to prove that he wan’t the man mentioned in the summons, but neverthelesshe was not allowed to return to work in Israel. He doesn’t know who to go to.We directed him to Nir who would allow him to photocopy his card and the letter, then take the photo-copies and would promise to deal with it.