Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Mon 23.11.09, Morning

Chaya O., Mika G. (reporting and photographing)

06:55 AM, Bethlehem Checkpoint: many workers waitingoutside for employers.

Meanwhile a coffee and soft drink vendor is already in place.

Four stations are open. Immediately upon our arrival another one opened.A regular pace of people coming out to Jerusalem.People we asked said that today is okay. They waited only an hour. Two securitycompany employees try to be friendly with the transients and with us. They saythat they are Druze recently demobilized and found work in the securitycompany.

On the rest of our round, people were waiting for Chaya at the regularstops: the turn to Husan, the entrance to Nashash, Beit Omer and Halhul –Palestinians who had made appointments in advance – to deal with policematters.

09:40 AM, Etzion DC: some 15 people were sitting inthe entrance hall. They said that everything is going okay. It didn’t appearthat assistance was needed from us, and so we didn’t stay long.