Reihan, Shaked, Sat 20.3.10, Morning

Sarit A., Rachel H. (reporting)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?
8:30 Reihan CP
We went down to the Palestinian parking lot. There we met the driver, A., after many Saturdays when we only observed him coming and going.

The lot is full of vehicles. People park in the middle of the lot and there is double parking. The electric entry gate to the terminal is active all the time. There are no queues. The security guard at the entrance sounds bad! She is angry, tense, talks nervously and rudely to the people, in bad 'occupational' Arabic mixed with Hebrew. She scolds those who are entering and sends back those coming out to have their bags inspected even though they have been through the whole terminal!

"Shu [what] -- what've you got in the bags?"
" over there! Staneh Shwai dakika! [slow down a minute]. You don't have a permit for that! What've you got in your pockets, mualem [teach']?!"
"Ta'al, ta'al hon [come on, come over here]. Iftah ala shantot [open the bags] ..."

"You! what's that? Khales - putu kul ishi ala tauleh [you over there, that's enough, put everything on the table]"

"Yalla rukh! [hey, go on]! Yalla khales [hey, that's enough]! putu [go through]!"

We went up to the terminal and met those who entered from the lower gate and had already gone through the terminal. A few went through in a quarter of an hour. For others it took 25 - 30 minutes.

At 9:35 The parrots were fed! The person at the gatepost continued to shout instructions to those going through. Three cars left the inspection area.

The floor of the van is inspected with a mirror while the passengers wait in the shed.

"What's this? All of these are gifts? What are these? Gifts?"

We left.

9:55 Shaked CP
Three cars are waiting; six people are waiting outside the pavilion. A soldier enters the pavilion. He comes out; a door opens, a door closes. Finally the brown door opens and the people begin to enter in order to come out in the direction of Tura.

The cars are inspected very meticulously.

10:10 We left.