'Anin, Shaked, Tayasir, Mon 22.3.10, Morning

Leah R., Anna N.S.

Translation: Bracha B.A.

06:05 A'anin Checkpoint
A van from the Liaison and Coordination Administration passes by us and enters the checkpoint.  The checkpoint is open and people pass through without delay.  While we were there close to 30 people were waiting.  Aside from a few, mainly children without their parents, everyone went through.  People voiced the usual complaints about permits that are not being honored or renewed and about the work in the orchards that is being neglected and the fruit that is liable to be stolen as a result.

Reihan Barta'a Checkpoint
People are returning to the West Bank bleary-eyed after working the night shift. Others are going to work in the factories.  Their paths cross. Passage through the checkpoint is quick and without delay. Most of the traffic is in the direction of the West Bank.  There is no crowding of congestion at the checkpoint. Several vans loaded with merchandize are waiting to be called in for inspection.  A vehicle arrives going in the direction of the West Bank.  The passengers get out and wait in the attractive waiting area until the car is checked and then continue on their way.

07:00 – Dotan Checkpoint
A soldier is sitting in the shade of the inspection booth and emerges every time a car passes by to check it and allow it to continue on its way.  There is a lot of traffic going west towards Jenin but there is no delay and almost no cars waiting.  Cars stop at an imaginary line and wait to be waved through by the soldier to be checked.  No one gets confused and everyone stops in the right place on time.  This is the discipline of the occupation.  In your own country between Jenin and Yaabed you have to stop and wait for the permission of the occupier to continue to your destination.

A car drives through with white license plates and red lettering and is stopped.  We are told that this is an official car belonging to the Palestinian Authority.  There is a group of people who live on the opposite ridge whom we heard about last week.  They are rejected by the Palestinian Authority as well, and are no longer working in the industrial zone at Shahak.  They are also not connected to the water or electrical systems and no one knows why.

The panorama of Yaabed with its green fields and orchards is attractive, with neat piles of charcoal everywhere.  The Bedouin settlement of Emricha, on the other hand, is neglected and dirty, and people still live with their flocks together in the same yard.

07:30 – Shaked-Tura Checkpoint
The taxis with the students have already gone through and the few older students are also crossing.  People are coming out of the inspection booth putting their belts back through the loops in their pants.

"They know their work!"  reports one of the people who has come through.  There is no doubt about that! 

After another minute the checkpoint is empty of people and the Occupier is left alone to do some soul searching or pat himself on the back.  We didn't stay there with him.

At 08:00 we continued on to Jalameh.