Reihan, Shaked, Sun 21.3.10, Morning

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Yocheved G. and Hana H.

6:05 - Rihan checkpoint
12 workers wait up the road for cars that drive them and at this time are  under inspection at the enclosed vehicles inspection post. People went through quickly but it takes about half an hour  to inspect cars.
There are also pickup trucks with merchandise under inspection at that very place.

The checkpoint was opened at 5:00 am. People get out of the terminal with in a reasonable period of time (they appear content), The vans come out one by one in the direction of Barta'a.
There are two detaineesinfo-icon - illegal aliens inside the terminal who wait patiently to get to the West Bank. They will cross at 6:40.

6:30 - There are many people inside the terminal but passage is in order (average passage time is 10 minutes) and it seems quiet inside.

The lower car park area is still vacant. 9 pickup trucks with agriculture produce wait for inspection.

There is a sign on the terminal door limiting transfer of cigarettes through the checkpoint.
Cars driving people into the West Bank are delayed at the vehicles' checkpoint for a longer period of time than usual.

7:15 - Shaked checkpoint
 In the shack by the checkpoint a family with a sick girl waits for transportation to the Hadassah hospital. They tell us that the female soldier at the checkpoint had recognized the sick girl and passed them through swiftly.
By the turnstile no more than 10 people were waiting  throughout our entire stay and passage was fast.
5 cars wait to cross over to the Seam Line zone but right of way is given to cars that go to  the West Bank.

A van arrives with about 20 kindergarten children, the children go through immediately without inspection and the vehicle  comes out 8 minutes after them.

- Schoolchildren start coming and they all go through immediately, their school begs are inspected.

 Vehicles from the West Bank go through one by one - each one is under inspection for about 2 minutes.