Huwwara, Mon 22.3.10, Afternoon

Petahya A., Miriam S. reporting

Translation: Hanna K.

 The Za'tara (Tapuah) junction is empty.

עצור בחקירה

 Huarra chekpoint :

The hour of the knives:
When we arrive we find two handcuffed Palestinians in a shed at the entrance to the parking.One lies on the pavement, face downwards, his hands are handcuffed from behind. The other sits handcuffed. There are soldiers and a police vehicle on the spot.

Nadim quickly leaves fearing  a prospective abuse' and the soldiers, when they see us, lift up the Palestinian who lies face-down, and put him in the shed.
A policemen wearing a skullcap (we couldn't get his name) interrogates with loud shouts in Arabic the bound man in the shed.
Petahya translates: you brought the knife in order to attack a soldier, you brought the knife to hurt a soldier!
Suddenly a piece of plastic material is thrown out of the shed.
A photograph from a short distance shows a sharp piece of plastic – is this the knife in question?
 The policeman is full of vigour and enthusiasm, find the time to come up to us and to threaten us with loud screams that we obstruct police activity during a terrorist activity. (?) 
The searching of the two Palestinians continues and suddenly there is a shout – "Another knife!"
At a certain moment there is another event in the car checking posts which we observe from afar. Again two Palestinians are handcuffed.The policeman runs from one point to the other, is very agitated and investigates with the help of a Druze interpreter, a border policeman.
Has the arrest, handcuffing and investigation of suspects suddenly become a police assignment?
In the meantime DCO and army vehicles arrive. In the car area one of the detaineesinfo-icon is released, and the other is put into a vehicle and is driven away.
In the parking shed the investigation is drags on and on, while the policeman doesn't stop rushing around and giving orders.
An hour and a half later we leave.
On the way to the square to meet Nadim/
The DCO jeep stops near us, "did you see the knives?" we ask,
"I haven't seen any knives" he replies.