Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Sun 14.3.10, Morning

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Leah S., Paula R. (reporting)

Guests: Students A, A., and A from the United States
Translation: Bracha B.A.

Sansana Crossing

The crossing is empty.  The Minister of Defense has ordered a three-day closureinfo-icon on the entire West Bank because of the tension in Jerusalem.  This implies a collective punishment for thousands of workers and their families who are already experiencing financial difficulties.  And there will be another closure over the holiday as well. 

Route 60
Traffic along Route 60 is sparse because of the closure.

When we arrived the children had already entered the school. We did not see any detaineesinfo-icon.  The guests received an explanation about the yellow apartheid strip and its history, about the stairs that the students from the Koldova School avoid using, and the concrete fence near the Border Patrol position at the entrance to the street.
When we reached the Shuhada St. our guests were shocked: "What, Palestinians can only get through using this crossing?" They asked to enter the Patriarchs' Cave since it is a holy place for both religions. (Leah chose not  to enter and remained with Mohammed in the car.) The place was packed with worshippers, including Marzel who told us, "Go over to the Muslim side, that's where you belong."
A. responded by telling him, "I kept the Sabbath yesterday just like you, so don't tell me where to pray. What you are doing is desecration of G-d's Name." He swallowed his tongue. 

We returned by way of A-Tawani. We met with the teacher of the lower grades of the school, which are located in a small building away from the rest of the school. He told us about the soldiers who accompany the students from the village of Tuba to the school in Tawani. I asked, "Aren't they afraid of the soldiers?" "No, they have good relations and know each other. The soldiers protect them against the settlers." Who knows?  Perhaps their relationship will bring about co-existence.